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Cuddle Up and Read


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Heart felt stories your children will love!


Welcome to Cuddle Up and Read. Meet Teddy & His Magical Paw! Teddy is full of surprises and has a secret magical paw. He helps children gain confidence through reading. In today's fast paced world, knowledge is power more than ever before. Teddy guides us through adventures and makes learning so much fun!


Remember, no matter how busy we may become to always take the time to  Cuddle Up and Read.    Happy Reading!


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Teddy and His Magical Paw


It’s time to move, and the Honeypie family is preparing for the changes that this brings. This book is focused on the experiences children face when they are moving. Children can develop a high level of anxiety when they have to leave their friends, their comfort zone and their “world”. Through the proper guidance of an understanding and friendly person, Miss Annie the REALTOR®, they become involved in the moving process and learn of the “wonderful world of real estate” at the same time.


Teddy, Miss Annie’s playful puppy, has made the transition entertaining, fun and adventurous. With the planning of their move, the family enjoys the puppy’s playfulness while learning that “knowledge is power”. After all, a puppy has a way of bonding with children and transforms their concerns into a happy and meaningful experience.


The universal connection of people with a puppy is an affection that is known worldwide. But, to everyone’s surprise, Teddy has a heart-shaped, magical paw! Let’s see what Teddy can do! You will enjoy the high-spirited and amusing antics of Teddy, the puppy, as he makes himself at home with the Honeypie family. It’s all here with colorful illustrations to enjoy.


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Teddy and His Magical Paw

Cuddly Socks


Soft, fuzzy, comfy and warm! Slip resistant bottoms with puppy paw prints and our very own Teddy & his magical paw design! Perfect for anytime or to cuddle up and read!


60% Acrylic - 30% Wool - 10% Nylon


One Size Made in the USA Care Instructions: warm wash, dry flat.



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Warm Colors

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Cool Colors

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  Cuddle Up and Read - Cuddly Socks

Our Puppy Teddy


This is our puppy, Teddy. He is a soft, fuzzy Bichon Frise and his coat is as soft as a cottonball. He is so lovable and cuddly that he's just like a real live teddy bear! That's why we named him Teddy. He loves to nap on our lap and cuddle under his blanket when we read books together.


The Tale of Teddy:


As I walked past the pet store in the local mall, the cutest little ball of fluff caught my eye. I went inside to see this cute little puppy that had such a sad look on his face. He looked so lost and forlorn.


His little button nose poked through the puppy crate as if he was trying to reach out to me. My kids and I walked up to him and pet him on his nose. I fell in love with him the second I looked in his sad eyes and just had to take him home. Never expecting to own a puppy, I just didn't have the heart to leave this adorable fluff ball. We had to take him home.


My children instantly loved him so much and wanted to play with him constantly. I had to use the oven timer to divide quality time with our new puppy among my family. Each one of my children wanted a different name for our puppy, so I suggested that we all take two weeks to get to know his personality to decide upon just the right name for him.


He was so cuddly and lovable, just like a Teddy Bear. We covered him with a baby blanket in his dog bed at nap time, just like a sweet little baby. His cute playful ways just won our hearts. We decided that the only name that was perfect for him was "Teddy".


Book Signings and Events


Wow, is that Teddy driving the official "Teddy & His Magical Paw" Cuddle Up and Read mobile.

Cuddle Up and Read Book Signing Barnes and Noble_Anna_Messina   Cuddle Up and Read Book Signing Barnes and Noble Anna Messina and Erin


* Check back soon to find out where Anna will be visiting next! *

  Cuddle Up and Read - Teddy's Car



Author's Trailer:


Meet Anna Messina, author and illustrator of Teddy and His Magical Paw and get an overview of the magical adventures awaiting your children in her latest book.




Watch our interview with Erin Shaughnessy to see why she loved Teddy and His Magical Paw and find out what makes this book so special.


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